Sports Camps & Sessions

Easter Holiday Camps (4 – 14 April 2022)

We offer a variety of sporting activities for children aged between 2 and 11 years. All of the activity sessions will be held at Held at St Vincent’s Primary School, 1 Pierrepoint Road, Acton, W3 9JR.

Full Week Bookings

Kirin Sport Easter Holiday Camp
St Vincent’s Primary School, Action W3 9JR

Day Bookings

Kirin Sport Easter Holiday Camp
St Vincent’s Primary School, Action W3 9JR

Sports Camps

Our Activity Camps bring together a variety of sports to create fun, exciting and unique games for children to play, explore and compete throughout the week.

Children have more fun and learn more skills when activities are structured. That’s why we have a schedule in place from the start.

  1. Motivates the children
  2. Helps them to develop new skills.
  3. Keeps them happy and active throughout the camp.


Keeping children healthy and active is something we take very seriously. This is why we have a number of sports and activities available for children between the ages of 2-11yrs. By clicking on the different locations (picture icons) you can see what sports we have on offer. We have put together a whole array of different activities to suit your child’s needs and aspiration.

All our activities are coached to by Level 2 coaches and would have undergone our own vigorous quality check before they can work for us. Plus, we believe full transparency in what we do is important for the parent; during the last week we invite all parents to a presentation to see their child(s) in action while they participate and have fun.