School Clubs

Before and After School Clubs for Primary Schools

We’re aware of how much time and hard work goes into running a school. So our service is designed to make it as easy as possible for schools to integrate clubs without creating more work for themselves.

What we do:

  • Plan and organise clubs
  • Source coaches and vet them for DBS and safeguarding
  • Provide marketing material and help with the implementation
  • Process payments from the parents
  • Take care of all the admin and customer service
  • Provide information and specialist advice for parents on our website

Participation & Engagement

The key to running successful clubs with high participation levels is to make sure the activities are rewarding for the children. So everything we do is geared to making the clubs fun and educational. We achieve this by:

  • supporting your PE syllabus
  • listening to feedback from the children
  • providing a wide variety of sports and activities
  • making sure the content of the clubs is fun and varied
  • using only the very best coaches sourced from local clubs
  • structuring clubs around the key skills of a given sport or activity
Easy Online Booking​

To take the pressure off your front-of-house team, we’ve developed an online app that makes it easy for parents to find out what clubs are running at your school and then book their children onto those clubs.

  • It’s safe and secure
  • If parents have any questions, they can come straight to us
A Wide Range of Activities

To ensure participation levels, we provide a comprehensive list of sports and activities to choose from. Because not all children are into the same things or confident in certain sports, this kind of variety is essential for getting as many children as possible to participate in extracurricular activities.

We also have alternative options such as dancing and ultimate frisbee. Please get in touch for a full list of activities.

School Games Mark​

If you’re school games registered, our lunchtime provisions help you work towards or maintain the gold mark. Not only do we increase participation, but we also support your sports leaders by giving them tasks and responsibilities.

SEND Pupils

Inclusion is extremely important. No matter what their needs are, every child should have the opportunity to participate in activities. This is why we provide a specialist service for SEN pupils. For more information, please get in touch.


Teams & Competitions

If you have a team in a competition, we can arrange a special lunchtime club for them. The benefits of this are:

Gets the team match-ready
Improves their skills
Builds their confidence
Improves your school’s chances of success.